Mexico Makes Cheap Gas Less Accessible for Americans Seeking Relief from Biden

The tragedy that is the Biden administration has gotten so bad that Mexico is taking steps to cut off Americans near the border who have been crossing over to save money on gas. Joe Biden started erasing American energy independence to placate the militant environmentalists in charge of the Democratic Party the moment he assumed office. Now Mexico is protecting the interests of its citizens by making government-subsidized gasoline harder for Americans to get.

Mexico has been subsidizing the cost of gasoline for some time to ease the burden of high prices for its citizens. Its government announced last week that the policy is being suspended in areas near the border with the U.S.

The Mexican government said the policy is being amended along the border as a result of fuel shortages caused by Americans crossing the border to fill up at lower prices.

The largest population area being affected is Tijuana in Baja California, at one of the busiest border crossings in the world. The Mexican finance ministry said that significant fuel shortages at that crossing were being caused by an “imbalance between supply and demand.” Even an economically corrupt government like Mexico’s understands the principles of basic economics.

Retail gas prices in Mexico are averaging $4.45 per gallon in USD this week. Right across the border from Tijuana in San Diego, gas currently averages $5.93 per gallon.

Rather than address the root causes of rising American gas prices, Biden last week announced that he will tap the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the next six months at the rate of one million barrels a day.

The political points he thinks he may be picking up for that decision are dwarfed by the losses that will be incurred in the country’s emergency response posture by depleting the reserves. It is also doubtful that the oil taken from the reserves will have any meaningful impact on retail gas prices.

He has not budged on opening up American exploration and acquisition and has not relented on his decision to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline project. His real mission, of course, is to carry forward the message of the radical progressives that Americans will be better off if they switch to expensive electric vehicles with limited range, questionable reliability, and undisclosed environmental impacts.