Michelle Obama Tries to Convince Americans They Really Aren’t Seeing the Violent Riots They’re Seeing

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Americans really need to make Democrats pay a price at the ballot box for how they have fanned the flames of violence from radical leftists like the BLM and Antifa.

Democrats have not only failed to address the riots that has plagued cities across the country including Seattle, Minneapolis, Louisville and Portland but they’ve even denied its very existence.

Joe Biden has denied Antifa even exists, calling it just an “idea.” That will come as a surprise to all the people that have been hurt by this “idea” by a an organized group of real, physical people.

Now, Michelle Obama, in a speech trying to encourage people to vote for Biden, has just basically denied the BLM riots, claiming that “only a tiny fraction have had any violence at all” and that President Donald Trump is “racist” for being concerned about how they have hurt Americans, including many black Americans.

Only a tiny fraction had any at all? Um, you do know we can actually see all the videos, right? That there were in excess of 30 people killed during these riots and BLM violence.

By one count in early September, there had been 570 riots in 220 locations across the country. Tiny fraction.

By any study over 91% of the riots were connected to the BLM.

We’ve seen it night after night in Portland, where the BLM/Antifa riots have been violent almost every night for over 130 nights.

It’s one thing to push things for your political agenda. But they’re willfully denying reality and failing to stand up for all the people suffering because of the failure of Democrats to address the problem adequately. They don’t care about it and would through all those Americans under the bus if it inhibited their political agenda.

Here’s a sample of some of those folks who she’s basically denying, who she and the Democrats are dismissing.

For just a “tiny fraction” being violent, they are the most expensive riots in history and they’re still continuing. According to one number it could be more than $2 billion, according to the Insurance Information Institute and it’s not just a few cities, it’s all over the country the Institute observed.

So when are the Democrats like Michelle Obama, but more particularly Joe Biden and Kamala Harris going to denounce, by name, the violence of the BLM/Antifa riots? They particularly need to after embracing the BLM at their convention and contributing to the bail fund for people arrested during the riots.

She really has some nerve to try to sell this.