Minnesota Representative Can’t Get Away From ‘Defund The Police’

“Defund the Police” has come and gone but now Democrats are trying very hard to get away from those they once admired because they see the writing on the wall. Not many people want to defund the police, and only a few people vote for it.

Representative Angie Craig (D-MN) is in a swing district, and she knows that the 2022 midterm election could land her without a job. She’s trying to distance herself from Liz Young, who made statements on Twitter that should have gotten Young fired, but here we are.

Young tweeted things like “fund counselors, not cops” and “Burn. It. All. Down.” when New York reported police-involved deaths.

Young also encouraged her followers to contribute to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which gave bail money to rioters who were arrested. The movement has contributed to the release of child molesters and domestic abusers. They’re doing a great job.

Though Craig may be trying to distance herself from Young, the fact that she’s still one of her top staff members tells you that she still believes in the things Young does. Otherwise, she would have been fired. Young’s Twitter remarks were enough for Craig to fire her on the spot.

David McGonigal, Craig’s spokesperson, said that Young “does not hold the same views as those shared in her staffer’s posts.” Although this can be a heartwarming message, there’s something to be said of the phrase, “show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

McGonigal also told The Washington Free Beacon, “Angie’s crew includes Minnesotans from all political stripes, from lifetime Democrats to erstwhile President Trump supporters. She has a track record of assisting police enforcement and advocating for the resources they require to conduct their jobs safely and successfully. Angie has a long track record on these topics and does not share the opinions expressed in her staffer’s tweets.”

Angie’s campaign shares them. As a staff member, you’re part of a supporting body. It would be acceptable for a staff member to have a different political ideology, but this is something far more, and she knows it. That’s why she’s getting so far ahead of this, and that’s why the closer the 2022 midterm elections get, the greater chance that Young will be fired and no longer work for her.

Craig has a small margin to win, but she’s unlikely to come ahead with the recent elections and polling. President Joe Biden hasn’t done many good things for the Democrat party, and anyone who still supports him should expect to lose.