“Miracle”: After Public Backlash, Fauci Walks Back Previous Statement On Christmas Gatherings

Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to be the Grinch and is stealing your Christmas. Fauci suggests that it’s unclear if unvaccinated people should meet for Christmas. The “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is a theme in the federal government without regard to actual science. Breakthrough cases continue to emerge, and the Covid-19 vaccine has been out for around nine months, proving that the vaccine efficacy starts to decline after about six months.

Following Covid-19 infection, trends are essential when determining the actions to take. If the Covid-19 vaccine has been out for one year, but if infections start to spike again after six months, then there’s your answer. Lockdowns and mask mandates have proven ineffective against the spread of Covid-19, but Fauci continues the lie that Covid-19 in the unvaccinated is the largest risk to Americans.

Fauci is still one of the most highly paid employees in the federal government, but he keeps getting things wrong. Israel’s study of vaccinated and unvaccinated patients showed that breakthrough cases are more extensive than expected. Israeli’s who had a previous Covid-19 infection were shown to have more excellent protection from the Covid-19 virus than having the vaccine alone. That’s vital information to have when you’re considering firing someone from their job because they made a choice not to get the Covid-19 vaccine. It isn’t delightful.

The U.S. government is primarily based on polling. Politicians sit back and watch public opinion when a suggestion is made, or a proposed bill is released. Fauci did this exact thing when he backed away from his original comment about not gathering for Christmas. He took his word back. It would make the 1,000,859 times Fauci has changed his opinion about a specific aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Why would Americans trust the federal government, the Federal Drug Administration, or the Center for Disease Control when they’ve all made factual statements that they’ve had to back away from? It’s getting out of control, and Americans need stability in their elected leaders. Oh, wait, Fauci wasn’t elected.

“It’s too soon to tell” is what Fauci told Face The Nation. It’s not soon to tell. A large part of America did the same thing last year that they’ll do this year. See their family for Christmas but take precautions when seeing elderly or immune-compromised family members. It’s a simple suggestion to give.

The problem with these suggestions and mandates is that the politicians don’t even follow their guidance. If they did, Americans would at least be able to tell that they were severe, but just like the San Francisco Mayor London Breed going out to a nightclub with no mask in sight, politicians don’t care to follow their own rules.

Fauci also said that when he said that it’s too soon to tell was “absolutely not the case,” but Fauci is the one who said it. It is another example of Fauci refusing to take responsibility and retract but blame everyone who called him out for his incorrect statement. Just like his emails.