Mitt Romney Eviscerates Democrats’ Economic Plans

Though Mitt Romney (R-UT) didn’t play a strong hand in his presidential attempt against former President Barack Obama, he isn’t useless. He knows quite a bit about politics, and regardless of how much of a middle-ground Republican he is, he’s not letting President Joe Biden go without a fight.

Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda includes buying products that are Made in the USA. Why would Biden want taxes to go up on the manufacturing companies to leave and go somewhere that won’t tax them as much? That goes for the bottom-line employees as well. Biden’s trying to get the IRS to go into Americans’ bank accounts when there’s an accumulation of $10,00 worth of transactions within 1-year. Who would want that?

It should go without saying that Romney’s rationale is unarguable. It’s not just “unrealized gains,” but also “unacquired gains.” People who have invested in the stock market will not participate if they are taxed at the start of each day because stock prices fluctuate, and no one will blame them. That will eventually cause severe market disruptions and a crash when everyone withdraws their money the day before the policy goes into effect.

Even if you say that taxes will only go up on the rich, that always trickles down. There’s never a circumstance where owners eat the cost and make less money because they get taxed more. That’s not a thing, and it has never been. While Biden tries to scramble and tell people that everyone needs to pay their fair share, corporations are looking at properties in other countries that will leave them alone and allow them to do business. The market will regulate itself.

If the government wants to tell people that they should pay their employees more, they need to pay more. According to Go Banking Rates, the five lowest-paying government jobs are:

  • Bus Driver at $31,920/year
  • Forest and Conservation Workers at $26,490 (state) and $32,320 (federal)
  • Janitorial Staff at $24,190
  • Home Health Aides at $22,170
  • Amusement and Recreation Attendants at $20,160

The government needs to sit down, shut up, and mind their own business and let Americans live their lives without governmental interference.

Very few Democrat policies are thought through, and most of them come with a price tag for noncompliance. Look at the Covid-19 vaccine mandates: Don’t comply, lose your job. Obamacare: don’t have insurance, pay for being uninsured.

At almost every turn, you’re getting a bill from the government to live your life. It’s not sustainable for the upcoming future, and it’s inching closer to socialism.