Molotov Cocktails Thrown At New Atlanta Police Training Facility

The left still hasn’t let the “police brutality” narrative go and it’s still causing a lot of issues nationwide. There will never be enough training and compliance in any law enforcement agency that will make the left happy.

The City of Atlanta is beginning construction on a training facility for police, fire and EMS on 85-acres in south Atlanta which would greatly increase the capabilities of both departments to be better prepared to handle crisis situations.

Because the city is investing in training programs for emergency services, there have been protests on the land where the facility will be built. The Post Millennial reported, “at least eight far-left extremists have been arrested after they allegedly threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at Atlanta police responding to an ongoing protest in a forested area where a new police and EMS training facility will be built.”

The Molotov cocktails landed only yards from police officers and shows an escalation in violence at the facility and apparently Antifa has joined the leftist protesters as well.

Isn’t this what the left wanted? More training so less accidents happened? It doesn’t seem like they’re very grateful.

The City of Atlanta’s website says that the new training facility will “reimagine law enforcement training and Police/Fire Rescue community engagement.”

The website also cites many goals of the facility:

  • Improve morale, retention, recruitment and training for APD and AFR professionals and ensure that Atlanta attracts and motivates those most highly committed to careers in law enforcement
  • Set a national standard for community engagement, neighborhood sensitivity and devotion to the civil rights of all citizens by law enforcement
  • Embrace police reform and cultural sensitivity through an extensive training and educational partnership with the National Center for Civil & Human Rights
  • Facilitate collaboration and joint training between Atlanta’s police, fire.rescue agencies and their local, state and federal partner agencies
  • Welcome the community to its public spaces, including walking paths, picnic areas, a working Community Garden and weekly Farmers Market

The site has been named “No Cop City” by the protesters who have been so violent that the police have had to escort construction crews in and out of the area for their safety.

Tolerance has been lost on the left and even though the city is investing in neighborhood sensitivity and is partnering with the civil and human rights organizations, the left is still angry and is taking out their rage on anyone at the new facility.