‘More Oil, More Natural Gas’: How The Federal Government Is Playing With Us

The United States and the entire world are beholden to Russian oil regardless of how many barrels they import. Waived sanctions and strengthened power and influence over the energy industry have led Russia to have a more prominent stance on the world stage. The problems began in mid-2021 when western Europe started complaining of slowed exports of natural gas leading up to the Nord Stream 2 opening.

To battle this, President Joe Biden is turning to every source, regardless of their stability as a nation, instead of drilling for oil and fracking at home. Why? Because of climate change and green energy. It doesn’t count if it’s imported.

Republican Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt isn’t happy about the energy situation that the US is in any more than anyone else. Schmitt was running for Senate and voiced his opinion while speaking to PJ Media.

To begin, Schmitt said that the US needs a “fighter right now in Washington, DC” and that proven conservatives are necessary for “reinforcements to save America.”

While former President Donald Trump was in office, “there was no bigger defender of the America-First agenda that brought us energy independence and more take-home pay and a secure border.”

Biden’s administration has done almost nothing to secure energy independence, the southern border or America-First. The only notable thing Biden is pushing is the electronic vehicle charging stations made in the US.

But, as Elon Musk noted on Twitter, “Hate to say it, but we need to increase oil & gas output immediately. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures.”

Musk immediately reinforced this by tweeting, “Obviously, this would negatively affect Tesla, but sustainable energy solutions simply cannot react instantaneously to make up for Russian oil & gas exports.”

If Musk is saying it, you need to listen and pay attention.

When asked about energy, Schmitt said, “On day one, Joe Biden declared war on American energy independence and working families. They canceled the Keystone XL pipeline. We’re part of the lawsuit on that. We’re also part of the lawsuit we were victorious on, as far as drilling on federal lands. That was all part of day one. Essentially what they’re trying to do is the Green New Deal without anybody ever having to vote on it.”

Schmitt also said that the federal government tried to “California the rest of the United States.” Schmitt pointed out that the restrictive emissions and especially the high fuel price are a symptom of California. Biden’s administration wants to push so hard on green energy that they’re willingly allowing oil prices to increase instead of insisting that we’re energy independent.

There’s a difference in choice and force. Though the Russia-Ukraine conflict affects energy prices, the Biden administration keeps saying that we don’t import much fuel from Russia. Still, at the same time, the price is exponentially rising because Russia is a bit confusing.

Schmitt also doesn’t believe that the US should send military members to Ukraine to lose their lives. The conflict is not about the US and we should stay uninvolved.

Schmitt said, “We need to ‘drill, baby, drill.’ We need to ‘frack, baby, frack.’”

The idea that energy coming from other countries will help us and the rest of the world while the elites complain about climate change is ridiculous. Get energy from the cleanest source available, the US, at this point. We can’t get away from oil and natural gas. That’s just a fact. There should be no experiment in fast transition, but the federal government seems to think that their push will magically pull sustainable numbers. It’s not reasonable and it’s to the detriment of citizens.