Most Americans Agree Companies Should Steer Clear of Politics

Over the past few years, many companies have made the choice to insert themselves into political debates.

The entire country has witnessed this as many big names in business took it upon themselves to donate to Black Lives Matter and other left-wing organizations.

On top of that, Disney made headlines weeks ago when it came out with a series of lies and attacks against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill. Florida pushed back against Disney by later revoking the company’s special privileges in the state.

For some reason, many companies have arrived at the conclusion that it’s somehow their duty to weigh in on these hot-button political issues. However, a recent poll shows that political grandstanding is actually not in the best interests of businesses.

Reviewing the Findings From Trafalgar Group
A recent survey from Trafalgar Group shows that strong majorities of Americans are likely to stop giving a company their business if it adopts a political stance they disagree with.

This is “somewhat likely” for over 35% of the general population and “very likely” for over 51%. When broken down across partisan groups, the numbers are even more staggering.

More than 93% of Republicans and over 83% of Democrats stated they’re also likely to stop purchasing services or products from companies that politically grandstand in ways they disagree with.

To further drive this point home, more than 82% of people who are not affiliated with the GOP or the Democrat Party also said the same thing.

This data from Trafalgar Groups bears out with real-world examples of consumers distancing themselves from companies after the latter chose a polarizing political stance.

Ironically, the idea that companies should simply focus on running their businesses, steering clear of politics, is one of the few things that Republicans, Democrats, and others can agree upon.

Pressure to Make Political Statements
Sometimes, these companies that come out with political positions feel internal pressure to do so. This was the case with Disney. The company was repeatedly pushed by its employees to take a stand on Florida’s new education law. However, this ultimately backfired.

Large companies tend to have customers who fall all across the political spectrum. If a business’s mission doesn’t explicitly involve politics, then staying out of political debates altogether is typically the best course of action.

It will ultimately save a lot of frustration, public relations nightmares, and other problems.

Hopefully, companies will take a cue from the vast majority of Americans who made their views known to Trafalgar Group.