Mother Demanding Answers After Preschool Worker Mistreated Her Son

A mother in Los Angeles, California, was recently seen in a video demanding answers after her son was mistreated by a preschool worker.

While speaking to ABC 7, the mother, BrieAnn Battle, said she was “distraught” after seeing the video of her son being violently pulled at the Kinder Kids Christian Preschool in Los Angeles on March 14, 2024.

Surveillance video shows the worker aggressively grabbing Battle’s son by his arms and then pinning them on the ground by his wrists, according to the New York Post. The employee is later seen yanking the boy by his ankles and dangling him upside down.
“Nobody wants to see their child being manhandled like that at all,” Batlle told ABC 7.

Battle said another employee at the preschool showed her the disturbing video, leading her to contact the owner to meet with her and demand answers as to why her son was mistreated.

The concerned mom said she tried giving the owner the “benefit of the doubt” when the pair spoke and had a serious “mother-to-mother, woman-to-woman” talk to understand the situation. Battle pointed out that she knows “things do get out of control,” but said the owner is “denying everything, and it’s sickening,”

Battle claimed that the owner showed her a different video that did not show her son being mistreated by the worker. She believes this is an attempt to hide the alleged crime.

“The owner-operator showed me the clip from when she took him out into the foyer, and that’s when he was giving her a lot of activity so she thought that was going to be, I guess, a better angle,” Battle told the outlet.

After noticing that the owner was unwilling to cooperate, the concerned mother filed a police report accusing the preschool of child mistreatment.

“How dare … you know, how dare you? And then she’s avoiding accountability, so it’s turned very criminal,” Battle explained.

In a statement to ABC 7, Kinder Kids Christian Preschool said the employee who acted aggressively toward Battle’s son has resigned.

The mother said that the owner’s efforts to allegedly cover up what happened to her son motivated her to continue pursuing legal action against the daycare.

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