MSNBC ‘Stunned’ To Find Americans At Trump Rally Angry About Washington Politics

Former President Donald Trump did many things, but the biggest and longest-lasting that he ever did was give Americans the ability to look at their politicians and question every action they make. It gave them hope that “We The People” can still make decisions and hold politicians and each other accountable for what we believe in, where our dollars go, and what our elected leaders change.

Trump held a rally in Iowa, where 62% of people disapprove of President Joe Biden. The rally brought the usual amount of people, tens of thousands. MSNBC attended and got the reaction of attendees at the event, and their results were unexpected, at least to them.

One attendee said that there are about 6 Republicans who are “worth their salt,” Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and a few others. The rest are Democrats. She’s not wrong, unfortunately. Accountability has been lost in politics because people stopped paying attention. They got comfortable with the government working on its own, and now they see what it’s turned into a breeding ground for greed, corruption, and lobbyist-funded spending bills.

Politics isn’t like it once was. Americans are more enthralled with it than ever, and soundbites rule the internet. Americans are paying attention because they have to. The political theater isn’t behind closed doors as it once was. Not that it was done in private, but most didn’t pay attention. People like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi aren’t used to upgrading in technological advances and still operate as usual. It’s not working out for them, and their time is running out.

The attendee also said that she saw a civil war coming. It isn’t the first time someone has stated anything like this. Unfortunately, America watched all of 2020 at riots, damage to property, assault, and murder, and the only people who were held accountable, it seemed, were Republicans. Black Lives Matter and Antifa ruled the streets with little to no accountability and pushback. Anyone who was arrested, the large majority had their charges dropped. All of that while the January 6th rioters sit in jail being held for federal crimes. If this same type of bias continues, of course, there will be a civil war. People are tired of being politically targeted, and they aren’t willing to let the country go to waste.

In Iowa, Trump currently has a more favorable rating than he had while he was president. Trump has a 53% optimistic view out of everyone who responded. When asked if respondents thought the country was going on the wrong track or right track, 70% said it was terrible. It’s fascinating that everyone now wants Trump back with just a little bit of authoritarian control from the White House. People tried to tell them that Biden was going to be a disaster, but they didn’t listen, and if audits continue and find fraud, it will prove that Americans listened after all.