Murphy ‘Ends’ Mask Mandate In New Jersey But Data Tells A ‘Different Story’

As the left continues to implode on themselves, data for masks on children is coming to a halt, and the consensus is that they were never actually necessary from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Jersey is taking a giant step toward normalcy, and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is removing mask mandates starting the second week of March. That’s funny because Murphy was unstoppable with shutting down businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On CNN, Murphy was asked by Jake Tapper, “Have you seen evidence that these mask mandates have been necessary? That the spread and mortality rates in states where they didn’t have mask mandates were far worse than in places where they did have mask mandates like New Jersey?”

That’s a fair question to ask, but isn’t it too late to ask? That should have been the first question these media personalities asked when the mask mandates were implemented.

Murphy responded that “there is no question” and that the mask “has been a brilliant public health step.”


Murphy continued, “I think we’ve had just over 2,600 cases of students with COVID positive since the beginning of the school year. That’s out of 1.4 million kids. So, it is a pretty stark piece of evidence, I think, that this has worked.”

The issue with that is that there isn’t opposing data in New Jersey to show that the data would be much worse had they not forced masks.

The Atlantic explained the correlation between an Arizona study evaluating schools with mask mandates versus without them. David Zweig said that the CDC study referenced by Rochelle Walensky is flawed due to the start time of schools in the study. Some schools opened in mid-July, and some started at the first of August, which gave some schools a two-week jump in the study. The study claims that schools without a mask mandate were 3.5 times more likely to have a COVID-19 outbreak, with two or more students or staff getting COVID-19.

The study also reported that exposure to COVID-19 only occurred when students were unmasked close to each other, which could have resulted in a large number of students in unmasked schools getting COVID-19 tests after exposure because if the vulnerability weren’t reported, there would be no way to communicate to parents that the student should or shouldn’t be tested.

Tapper then asked Murphy if he’s seen data to verify that masks do work and if the data was compared to states that didn’t have mask mandates. Murphy responded, “Again, I know Jersey the best. But I’m highly confident, and I’m sure our health officials will say it definitively.”

As noted above, studies suggest skewed numbers associated with school openings and the correlation between COVID-19 infections with or without mask mandates, so Murphy can’t be sure, and his health officials can’t either.

Murphy continued, “There is no question it worked. There is no question getting vaccinated, getting boosted, and wearing masks indoors have all been positive public health steps, compared to the absence of any of those things in the alternative.”

It seems that Murphy magically has more data than the public does to make him sure of his decisions. We all know that he doesn’t, but he can lie if he wants to.