Musk Breaks Down Current Political Situation

Elon Musk recently broke down the issues on the world political stage. According to Musk, the issue is not a divide in political parties but in “humanists vs. extinctionists.”

In a recent post on his social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, Elon Musk revealed the real issue between the political sides. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) agreed with Musk’s sentiments.

Cruz broke down what Musk said and how he viewed the situation. “Clearly true. Today’s radical Left is like Thanos, snapping his finger to eliminate half of humanity. Today’s Left embraces anti-human policies like the Green New Deal, uncontrolled crime, sterilizing children, unlimited abortion & destroying the nuclear family.”

It’s hard to look at the current state of world politics and think anything other than what Musk pointed out. There was a time when democrats fought for peace and against war.

Now, the Democrats are leading the drive to war with Russia, funding Ukraine and nations that have shown terrorist activity. They are doing this at the cost of the American people and their livelihoods.

Republicans are now the ones that are picking up the torch for the American people. There has been a shift to this for decades, but it took a decisive turn toward Americans as individual people under former President Trump.

The turns in party focus have been evident in the past few decades, especially within the Biden administration. Musk and Cruz point out how humanity seems to be the last thing on the Biden administration’s mind.

One of the recent examples of Musk’s fight to expose the “extinctionists” has been his battle against the overuse of AI technology. He points to AI as an issue that can rise later and cause destruction in people’s daily lives.

The destruction he talks about is not out of a movie. It refers to issues such as people losing their jobs due to AI, the economy suffering, and the takeover of misinformation produced by AI technology.

The Democrats are backing AI progress. The backing of this type of progress and pushing the progress forward is a clear sign that Musk’s view of “extinctionists” is the problem.