Must See: Texas Dem Gets Destroyed By Nancy Pelosi

To utilize most ways of life in America, you have to show identification. Democrats always seem to make voter identification a racial argument about disenfranchised voters who can’t afford to get identification or don’t know-how.

Nancy Mace destroyed Senfronia Thompson and all Texas Democrats who fled the state to protest an election bill. Mace asked a series of questions where all activities required identification to engage in. Mace asked about flying planes, buying cigarettes, buying alcohol, getting into the Capitol building, and many others, and the answer to all questions was yes. Thompson’s argument against voter identification went south when Mace quotes statistics that more Black Americans vote in Texas than women do. And it got interesting when Mace told Thompson that 72% of Democrats support voter identification.

Regardless of a political party, accountability is essential. Not only for voting, but Gun sales, driving, and buying or renting homes. The Democrats are so fixated on background checks for guns ownership, which is a right the United States citizens have, but so loose on voter identification to cast a vote, which is also a right.

The Texas bill to strengthen voter integrity doesn’t require a driver’s license as proof of identification. You can use many forms of identification if you don’t have a driver’s license. Texas gives a free Election Identification Certificate for free to anyone who fits the requirements.

For Democrats to suggest Black Americans aren’t capable of figuring out how to vote is the most racist thing they’ve ever said. You don’t even have to speak English in the United States to vote as long as you’re a citizen.

Thompson said “You’re damn right I left Texas, and I’m glad I did. And you know why I left Texas to give my people a right to be able to vote without them being infringed upon.”

But here’s the thing. Thompson says she doesn’t want her people to be infringed upon, but what about the election? Suppose standards aren’t created for the integrity of the election. In that case, our electoral process will be infringed upon by fraudulent votes, and it’s being proven in Arizona that fraudulent activity occurred. The definition of infringement is to break the terms of a law, agreement, or ability to do something. In what world does requiring an identification to vote infringe on anyone? And if it does, then why doesn’t identification to purchase a firearm infringe on the right to bear arms? The logical fallacy spewed by the Democrats is ruining the United States. They feel like their views and ideologies are above anyone else’s, that they disagree. I would guarantee that if a bill were passed that said you could purchase a firearm without identification, they would lose their minds. Yet here we are listening to their illogical nonsense about racism because you require an identification to vote.

Thompson is an ignorant lawmaker that is putting our country in jeopardy. And because of that, Governor Greg Abbott should have all of the Democrat lawmakers who left arrested on their return to Texas like he promised.