Nancy Pelosi is Being Accused of Lying to Left-Wing Donors

The forecast for the November midterm elections is not pretty for the Democratic Party. For starters, Democrats are led by a president whose approval rating lags under 50% in 48 different states.

On a national level, Biden’s approval lags in the low to mid 30% range. That comes on top of growing public frustrations with energy costs, inflation, crime upticks, and illegal immigration.

Democrats say they’re working to provide relief to Americans. However, this relief has yet to arrive.

Despite all the problems that have come up with Democrats holding the White House and both congressional chambers, the party still doesn’t want to lose to Republicans.

This fear of losing has led to House Speaker Nancy Pelos (D-CA)i facing accusations of lying to left-wing donors regarding Democrats’ midterm election chances.

Intentional Deception of Democratic Donors?
According to election predictor FiveThirtyEight, Pelosi intentionally misled Democratic donors with the intention of bringing in more capital.

The House Speaker specifically claimed in an email that FiveThirtyEight predicted Democrats would take seats in Florida, Ohio, Georgia, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

Of course, FiveThirtyEight did not make any such forecast. As a matter of fact, the election predictor has acknowledged that Democrats are very much underwater in both Florida and Ohio.

The conservative outlet known as Washington Free Beacon warns this isn’t the first lie Pelosi’s told in order to help her party.

The House Speaker is on the record claiming that inflation increases happen when unemployment rates fall. She’s also said Russia’s war in Ukraine is to blame for America’s inflation, despite the fact that inflation began well before the invasion.

No Retraction From Pelosi
Even after FiveThirtyEight came out and confirmed that Pelosi’s claims about their predictions were not true, Pelosi hasn’t issued any retractions.

Critics believe the House Speaker is counting on bringing in more donations and increasing Democrats’ odds of fending off projected GOP victories in November.

Pelosi’s been using the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade and various economic challenges as talking points to campaign for Democrats ahead of November. To this day, the House Speaker continues to insist that Democrats are fighting for the best interests of Americans.

Much of the American public begs to differ.