Nancy Pelosi’s Disdain For Progressives Has Been Revealed

For all intents and purposes, the Democrat Party is going down in flames. For starters, Democrats remained bogged down by a president whose disapproval ratings are high, both nationally and across various states.

On top of this, Democrats are expected to lose the midterm elections that are only seven months away. In the time that leftists controlled the entire federal government, all they have to show for it are higher consumer prices, higher crime rates, energy problems, etc.

As the Democrat Party continues to crumble, leftist infighting is escalating like never before.

According to PJ Media, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has actually expressed a certain level of disdain for progressives in her party.

What Pelosi Really Thinks About Progressives

Two reporters with the New York Times are coming out with a book titled, This Will Not Pass.

While some people are looking forward to reading the book in its entirety, some of its excerpts are catching national attention. One excerpt in particular deals with how Pelosi has spoken about progressives in the Democrat Party, such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This Will Not Pass makes the claim that the House Speaker accused Ocasio-Cortez of trying to be the new “queen bee” of the Democrat Party. On top of this, Pelosi also allegedly stated that Ocasio-Cortez offended Hispanic and Asian individuals with flippant statements about socialism and abortion.

Since these claims have been made public, Pelosi hasn’t bothered to deny them. Instead, one of her spokespersons stated that a series of books are going to come out about COVID and “Republican obstruction.”

Pelosi’s spokesperson also stated that she won’t be making public comments about “gossip.”

No Turning Back

While progressives have largely become the defining voices of the Democrat Party, there are some folks within the party that have tried to walk back some of the more extreme rhetoric.

For instance, Pelosi stated months ago that defunding the police isn’t something that’s part of the Democrat Party’s platform. However, this attempt at damage control was largely sabotaged when Rep. Cori Bush (D-MS) came out and stated that defunding the police is not a problem.

For a decent amount of time now, tensions have existed between moderate Democrats and progressive Democrats.

Moderates generally believe that middle-of-the-road and left-of-center politics are the best approach to success. However, progressives believe that going as far to the left as possible is the “bold change” that will create leadership and change.

Judging from Pelosi’s latest, alleged comments, moderates and progressives have quite a bit to sort out amongst themselves.