NATO Secretary General Deflects Questions On Biden’s Health Decline

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg refrained from commenting on President Joe Biden’s health when questioned during a CBS News interview on Sunday. The inquiry followed Biden’s lackluster performance in a recent debate, raising concerns among NATO leaders about his fitness for office.

CBS News reporter Robert Costa sought Stoltenberg’s insights into the private views of NATO leaders regarding Biden’s health. Stoltenberg redirected the conversation to the forthcoming NATO summit, which marks the alliance’s 75th anniversary and involves critical discussions on defense and international security.

“I’m absolutely confident that, when all NATO leaders convene here this week, it will be a great summit,” Stoltenberg said. He mentioned a recent productive meeting with Biden, focusing on defense strategies, support for Ukraine, and increased defense spending by European allies.

Emphasizing the importance of U.S. leadership for a strong NATO, Stoltenberg refused to delve into discussions about Biden’s health. When Costa pressed further, Stoltenberg maintained his stance, stating, “If I started to comment on issues like that, then, suddenly, NATO, I will be part of domestic debate.”

Stoltenberg reiterated that NATO should remain focused on collective defense and strategic goals, avoiding involvement in the internal political affairs of member states. He highlighted the significant increase in defense spending among NATO allies, with 23 countries now meeting the 2% GDP target, marking an 18% rise in spending across Europe and Canada this year.

While speculation about Biden’s health persists, Stoltenberg’s decision to avoid the topic underscores a broader strategy to keep NATO’s priorities centered on security and cooperation, rather than being drawn into domestic political controversies.

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