NBC: Suppression Of Biden Document Story ‘Significant Concern’

It takes a lot for the mainstream media to admit to a misstep by the Biden administration, but that’s exactly what at least one mouthpiece has done. The admission came from NBC’s Justice and Intelligence correspondent Ken Dilanian.

On Tuesday, the reporter questioned why the fact that classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president were kept in a personal office was hidden from the public.

Just days before the pivotal November midterms, the files were allegedly found by Biden’s personal attorneys. The attorneys then notified the National Archives and Records Administration. But it was only in recent days that the public became aware of the discovery.

The president expressed his “surprise” Tuesday at the documents being found at the Biden-related think tank. He claimed ignorance as to what they held.

Recounting the course of events, Dilanian noted that the White House reported their immediate disclosure to the National Archives. Then-Attorney General Merrick Garland referred the situation to the U.S. Attorney in Chicago, a Trump appointee.

Dilanian said this was done to present the appearance of impartiality.

Still, the NBC reporter noted two major areas of concern. The first, obviously, was how the documents ended up in a private office, “a place they shouldn’t have been.”

And second, “why did the White House sit on this for so long?”

That, of course, is the question most want an answer for. Merely six days before the November election, with so much at stake, the administration apparently decided to hush the information until after the new year.

As Dilanian said, Biden and his aides knew. Still, it did not become public until the details were leaked to the national press.

All of this came at a time when former President Donald Trump was being publicly crucified by the administration for documents kept at his Florida residence after his term in office ended. The White House and mainstream media scrambled to heap shame daily on the former president.

Now the current officeholder faces a quite similar charge. And there are multiple indications that the documents held for half a decade in his private office were of a more serious and sensitive nature than those at Mar-a-Lago.

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