New Year’s Resolution: Serve Bad Coffee And Get Vaccinated

At this point, the federal government is going back and forth in the courts, bouncing back and forth with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. There’s no reason for any business to push the COVID-19 vaccine without the full authorization of the courts and the federal government, who will not win this battle.

Starbucks, the ideal image of “woke,” is implementing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and given the time that’s passed, it’s surprising that they haven’t done this before now.

Starbucks Chief Operating Officer John Culver said in a letter, “My responsibility, and that of every leader is to do whatever we can to help keep you safe and to create the safest work environment possible.”

No, that’s incorrect. It’s a business’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment outside of forcing an irreversible vaccine into their employees or forcing them to get tested for a virus that they likely don’t have symptoms of. What if someone can’t get the vaccine because of a medical condition or religious beliefs? That means they have to obtain a weekly COVID-19 test that they don’t have or aren’t showing symptoms of? If employees aren’t vaccinated, it’s about to get expensive for Starbucks, and tests are becoming harder and harder to find.

Culver continued, “By far, the vaccine is the best choice we have for remaining safe and reducing the spread of COVID-19.”

No, Culver, it’s not.

Sending employees home when they’re sick is the best way to stop the spread. COVID-19 vaccinated individuals still spread COVID-19, and if it’s true that the symptoms are milder, someone could quickly be spreading the virus around without realizing they’re sick because they don’t have to get a test based on their vaccine status. It makes no sense that the COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to slow the spread.

Though the left has continued to say that a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate wasn’t going to happen and that it likely isn’t legal or constitutional, they’ve pushed for it anyway. After Biden said that there’s no federal solution to the COVID-19 pandemic, he said, “our patience is wearing thin.”

So, which one is it? There appears to be no resolution, although a decision should have been made months ago.

In July of 2021, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that vaccine mandates weren’t the federal government’s role, but they’re acting like that’s their role now. The 2024 election can’t come fast enough.