New York City Lets Criminals Run Amuck

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) won his current office on the promise of ending the community’s crime problem. To truly get votes, Adams even claimed his decades of experience in law enforcement gave him the necessary expertise to lower crime rates.

Unfortunately, Adams failed to live up to his word. In fact, despite being a former police officer himself, the New York City mayor has treated the community’s law enforcement with great disrespect.

Adams allowed good men and women of the New York Police Department to lose their jobs over the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. After these folks were forced out, the Democratic mayor said their exits presented an opportunity for the city’s police force to become more “diverse.”

Weeks later, Adams went on to announce a partial defunding of the police in the city’s budget. The end result of this has been increasingly brutal violence carried out in New York City.

A Horrifying Scene
Because of Adams defunding and firing police officers, criminals are more emboldened than ever to wreak havoc.

Proof of this played out on video when a patron at a local pizza shop was brutally assaulted. Video footage showed the older man sitting by himself and eating before being bashed in the face with a chair. After this violent assault, the perp stole the man’s cell phone stolen as well.

Since this incident, the pizza shop patron has gone to the hospital for medical attention. Meanwhile, the assailant remains at large as what remains of the NYPD tries to find him.

On Mayor Adams’ watch, theft, grand larceny, and burglaries have increased since last year. With the New York City mayor failing to get a hold of crime as he promised, locals can expect the community to become even more dangerous.

A Different Priority For Mayor Adams
As crime runs New York City into the ground, Adams is more preoccupied with the actions of Republican governors.

During a recent interview with CNN, Adams baselessly accused GOP leaders of manufacturing a humanitarian crisis.

Before that, the New York City mayor threatened to send left-wing activists to Texas so they could hurt Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) chances of winning another term in office.

All things considered, the New York City mayor should fix his own community’s problems before critiquing other leaders.