New York Times ‘Covers’ For Biden And Make The Doocy-Biden Rivalry A ‘Spectacle’ That Only Marvel Can Match

The leftist media is so busy with their loyalty to President Joe Biden and the Democrat party that they forget that their political coverage history is publicly available. The leftist journalists, and some on the right, went after former President Donald Trump for everything they possibly could. It’s not aging well for them.

Biden is a disaster of a president. It couldn’t be clearer that every move he makes is wrong, with the withdrawal from Afghanistan to how Biden handles the COVID-19 vaccine mandate to the southern border. Everything is falling apart. Sometimes the best path of action is to do nothing at all.

Biden recently called Peter Doocy, Fox News Journalist, a “son of a b*tch” because Doocy asked a question. That’s Doocy’s job to ask questions, and it’s Biden’s job to be transparent when he’s able. Just because Biden doesn’t like the question doesn’t mean he should call Doocy names. Doocy’s never been rude to Biden and seems like the nicest guy in the world.

The New York Times media correspondent said, “The spectacle of President Biden embracing an unintentionally amplified vulgarity directed at a Fox News reporter turned out to be one of the more unlikely feel-good moments of his presidency, writes our media correspondent.

The media correspondent also said it was a “heartwarming civic moment” and “Joe Biden and Peter Doocy is the rivalry everyone can love.”

People even know that it’s happening because nobody else asks questions that need to be asked. They all skirt around topics like they’re walking on eggshells. The reality is that nobody wants to know the truth.

The other reality is that the more the media knows, the more they’re obligated to report on. If they only get vague responses from a senile older man, then that’s all they have to write. If there were more answers, they might be required to add details that otherwise wouldn’t be covered, and the Democrat party wouldn’t want out.

Biden’s outbursts have been reported on in length, so the primary focus should be the symptomatic medical condition that Biden is facing.

WebMD describes a possible condition called Alzheimer’s that Biden is facing.

WebMD says, “Sometimes, people with Alzheimer’s disease lash out for no clear reason. They may get upset or angry easily. They may curse, hurl insults, or scream. They might even throw things or resist caregivers by pushing or hitting.”

Not saying anything about anything, but the next move Biden may make is to throw something.