Newly Unearthed Video Debunks Joe Biden’s Recent Claim About Being Involved In Civil Rights

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris honestly believe that Americans are dumb. Harris claimed to have been at civil rights protests as a young child saying “Fweedom,” which was proven demonstrably untrue, and Biden has gotten caught in many lies as well. Biden claimed to be at the top of his class in college, but it was found that he was not at all toward the top of his class.

Now, a video has been released that debunks another claim that Biden made. Biden claimed to be involved in civil rights, even though he was a speaker at Robert Byrd, a Ku Klux Klan, former leader, and called him “a dear friend.” Biden also said that specific desegregation policies would cause his children to grow “in a racial jungle.” All while demonizing former President Donald Trump for not denouncing White Supremacy. The actual racist shows his colors, and Trump wasn’t that.

“I got involved in the civil rights movement.” That’s the words of Biden. Historically, Biden’s actions and the people he kept around him were not congruent with a civil rights movement type of guy. If he were involved in the civil rights movement, he wouldn’t have said that George Floyd’s death made a more significant difference than Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. Nobody knew that a drug-addicted criminal could move more mountains than a man who said that everyone should be evaluated based on their character, not their racial color or anything. Come on, man.

In 1987, Biden said, “In reality, during the 1960s, I was tremendously worried about the civil rights struggle.” I wasn’t an activist, and I worked at an all-Black swimming facility on Wilmington’s east side. I was a participant. I was interested in what they were thinking and feeling. I was there, but I wasn’t marching. I wasn’t in Selma at the time. I wasn’t going anywhere else. “I was a suburban kid who got a taste of what was going on with Black Americans.” That’s all there is to it, another deception by the President of the United States.

If Biden is going to lie about his past and what he did outside of politics, what makes anyone think he’s not going to lie about what he’s doing inside politics? Biden wants to get into the hearts and minds of Black voters, so he tells all of these stories to get people emotionally involved in what he’s telling you. The problem with a lie is that you have to tell a lie to make up for the lie, and it continues until you’re found out. Luckily, the internet exists, and we can look it up for ourselves and ultimately get banned on social media platforms for exposing the lies.