Newsom Is “To Blame” For The Train Looting, He Signed Bills That Have Led To This Behavior

California Governor Gavin Newsom appeared at the train tracks in Los Angeles, making it the first time in his entire administration that he cared about crime.

Newsom suggests that police and district attorneys have to do more work to clean up crime in California, but he must be forgetting what he’s done to California. Newsom signed a bill, AB 1076, that will “establish the automated record clearance system for individuals arrested or convicted after January 1, 2021.” It is going to make it harder to determine someone’s criminal record.

With a clearance of records, what does Newsom think will happen to the organized retail theft that’s going on across California? It will be swept under the rug. The only thing Newsom is hopeful of is that it will stop rather than anyone being held accountable.

Bill SB 136 “removed the 1-year sentence enhancements that are applied to current sentences for each prior felony jail, or prison term served.”

Who knows why crime is skyrocketing in California?

The only reason that Newsom showed up to the train tracks, the scene of massive train car looting, is because of the national attention that it’s gotten. Otherwise, Newsom would be in his office yelling at the press for giving him a hard time.

Californians get what they ask for, though. Larry Elder did everything to win the recall election and get Newsom out of governor. These problems are because Newsom is still there.

Newsom said, “I see what you see. I see what everyone’s seeing, asking myself, ‘What the hell is going on?’ I mean, it looked like a third-world country, these images, the drone images that were on the nightly news, day in and day out.”

Yes, Newsom, we can all see it, and we’re ashamed that you still represent one of the largest states in the nation. Californians don’t deserve what you’ve done to them.
Newsom continued, “Some networks weaponize them for their political agenda, and others just report the damn news.”

It’s not weaponizing. It’s telling the truth. When you’ve dug yourself a hole so deep that you have to help pick up trash left by looters who robbed trains, you have to share a substantial portion of the blame. Just because Newsom doesn’t want to doesn’t mean he will have to.

Like the 2020 election, people will regret not taking their opportunity to get Newsom out of politics for good. This kind of behavior from a governor, who makes it acceptable to the public, can’t continue and is causing a larger crisis than ever imagined.