Newsom’s Senate Appointee Besieged By Scandal

The death of former Sen. Dianne Feinstein afforded California Gov. Gavin Newsom the opportunity to appoint her replacement through next year’s election. As a radical Democrat, the ambitious governor did not disappoint.

Overlooking the top two candidates in the running for the 2024 race, Newsom reached across the country and chose Laphonza Butler. A Maryland resident.

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro congratulated Maryland on the amazing accomplishment of now having three U.S. senators.

Butler is currently the president of “Emily’s List,” a pro-abortion organization, and is touted as about to become the first “Black lesbian” to serve in the U.S. Senate. Besides her brief stint on Kamala Harris’ dismal presidential run in 2020, that appears to be her only qualification.

According to multiple reports, Butler as recently as just over a month ago was listed on an FEC filing by Emily’s List as a resident of Silver Springs, Maryland.

Apparently that address has been addressed.

Several other reports immediately surfaced that Emily’s List scrubbed the listing of Butler’s residency in her online bio. No worries, according to Newsom’s office, which declared she is a California homeowner and will register to vote in the Golden State before being sworn in.

Democrats love using residency as a requirement when it suits their purposes. Mehmet Oz was a Pennsylvania resident when he ran for Senate from that state, but the left skewered him for previously living in New Jersey.

It is 100% certain that the rabidly pro-abortion Butler will not receive the same treatment from the mainstream media. Instead, her “credentials” will be breathlessly praised.

The praise poured from Newsom, even as he mourned Feinstein. He lamented that “the very freedoms she fought for — reproductive freedom, equal protection and safety from gun violence — have never been under greater assault.”

His nominee, according to the governor, will carry the torch forward. Butler will “continue to break glass ceilings and fight for all Californians in Washington, D.C.”

The nominee has a history of union organizing to go along with fighting against the rights of unborn children. She also worked for Airbnb and Uber, where some accused her of undercutting union workers during a labor dispute.