Newt Gingrich: Nancy Pelosi Is Our Lifetime’s Greatest Constitutional Threat

Nancy Pelosi’s authoritarian rule as the speaker of the House hasn’t gone unnoticed, even by her party. Newt Gingrich said, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our lifetime.”

Pelosi supported the fence around the Capitol after the January 6th riot and denies political adversaries she sees unfit for the January 6th Commission. A fair leader would want bipartisan participation in the investigation to ensure accountability and truth were found. Even Democrats wanted the Capitol wall to come down months after it was constructed. By the way, taxpayers funded the fence that kept taxpayers out of the Capitol.

To make matters even more interesting, Pelosi is mandating all House members wear masks, and she wants them arrested if they refuse. Pelosi said Kevin McCarthy was “such a moron” for suggesting that masks mandates in the House were not backed by science. Biden echoed something similar, saying, “if you’re not vaccinated, then you’re not nearly as smart as I thought.” So, the mask discussion has come to intellectual integrity, and then maybe the CDC isn’t as innovative as we all thought either.

Gingrich told Fox News, “but here’s the problem you got, freedom in Cuba’s probably an 80/20 issue. That doesn’t mean the Cuban government won’t shoot enough people to slow it down.” Gingrich continued, “these people, the Biden’s the Harris’, the Schumer’s, the Pelosi’s, they’re corrupting the military, they’re corrupting the entire system, and they will do whatever get have to, to try to dominate us and to dominate all of the American people ad impose their radical values.”

Pelosi was seen several times since she imposed the mask mandate on the House taking her mask off in the presence of others. Pelosi took her mask off for pictures and through the halls, so where is her accountability? When will Pelosi be expelled from office for the hypocritical activity she’s engaged in? Remember how, during the height of the pandemic, Pelosi went to her hair salon when it was forced to close and got her hair done without wearing a mask? The owner was furious about the hypocritical actions take by Pelosi, but Pelosi suggested she was “set up.” Set up? No, Nancy, you made a decision that you have to lie with, and if you’re not going to take responsibility, then your voters will at least see what type of leader you are.

There’s a phrase among the military and many other valued leaders. “I eat last.” It refers to feeding the people you lead first before you eat a meal. It means you take care of others before you take care of yourself. That leadership is lacking in politics and among most people in general. You can see it when something violent happens on the street, and everyone has a video camera out but does nothing to get involved and stop it. That’s why we were seeing politics. An entire political system where they tell you what to do and do the opposite themselves, then blame you for calling them out on their actions.

Pelosi is on her way to destroying the fabric of this country. The very fabric that gives her the freedom of speech she uses dictates others and gets away with it. Democrats have to stand up for the constitution before it’s too late. And the people need to stand up and vote these imbeciles out of office before they ruin this great country.