No One Trolls Like Candace Owen Trolls

The New York Times recently sent Candace Owens an email asking for her to comment on a story comparing her views on Ukraine to similar statements being espoused on Russian state TV. The exchange did not go well for the Old Gray Lady.

The modern mainstream media just assumes that its readers have the memory of a gnat or are unwilling to do any research at all. There has been a cultural movement to claim that journalism is dying. This does not go far enough. As the Candace Owens story illustrates, journalism is dead at the New York Times.

When a reporter is not even aware of their own papers’ previous reporting, journalism has jumped the shark. The mainstream media has devolved into a giant game of gotcha, with the participants openly shilling for one side or the other. There are no more honest brokers of information anymore.

Does anyone really believe that Ukraine is a country free of corruption?

Owens pointed out the fact that up until the war, most media outlets reported that not only was Ukraine filled with corruption, but also had a strong Nazi element within its military and government. We are not talking about neo-Nazis mind you, meaning people who identify as sympathetic to the Nazi movement, but actual fanatics with historical roots to World War II Nazis.

What this means is that before we lionize Ukrainian President Zelensky and nominate him for the Nobel Peace prize, there should at least be an investigation into what he was doing before the war, and make decisions accordingly. The world is a complicated place, sometimes both sides of a conflict can be bad. When ISIS fights the Taliban, everyone can agree that neither side shares our values.

Sometimes, however, the interests of the United States trump what we wish were true or how we wish the world should be. This is just an unpleasant fact. We do not have to invent heroes where there are not any. All the United States needs to do is figure out what is the right move for our country’s interest and pursue that move.