No Trip To Waukesha For Biden Or Harris Due To Assets

The Waukesha, Wisconsin massacre was devastating. You can see by the video footage and accounts from witnesses that it wasn’t an accident, and it wasn’t because Darrell Brooks was running from a previous encounter.

Tom Kluka said that the vehicle came within 2 feet of his daughter after throwing her out of the way. Kluka said, “That was his intention. He made an effort to come towards us because he wanted to get around the float. I don’t know if it was to hit as many people as he can. I don’t know what the senseless intention was, other than just going the speed that he did.”

The fact that Brooks didn’t stop even after he hit people was very evident to the intention of Brooks.

President Joe Biden hasn’t visited the area even though he flew over Wisconsin in Air Force One to push legislation.

Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t either. Interestingly, Harris can visit the entire family of Jacob Blake when police shoot him for breaking the law, resisting, and reaching into a vehicle for a weapon, all while violating a domestic violence protective order and refusing to give someone their property. She visits him, but she hasn’t bothered to pay a visit to Waukesha. No wonder her approval rating is at 28%.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to a question by Peter Doocy asking why Biden didn’t visit Waukesha:

“First and foremost, as you saw the president convey last week, our hearts go out to this community, to the people of Waukesha; we’ve been in touch with officials there, and we’re all watching as people recover.” And it’s a tough time of year for this to occur. It’s a difficult time of year. Any president visiting a community requires a lot of assets, including taking their resources, and it’s not something I have planned at this time, but we keep in touch with local officials. And, without a doubt, our hearts go out to the community during this difficult time.”

A lot of assets? That’s the Biden administration approach? A $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill was just passed in the House of Representatives, but there’s too much of a cost to visit a town where six people lost their lives and more were injured because Brooks drove a vehicle through a parade? That’s the most disgusting answer that Psaki could have given.