Noem Chides Biden Weakness Says ‘Leadership Has Consequences’

As the world watches Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and their valiant defense against a military superpower, Gov. Kristi Noem took President Joe Biden to task Friday for projected weakness in the face of aggression. Her speech against the Administration’s shocking display of incompetence drew enthusiastic applause from the CPAC gathering in Orlando, which opened with her observation that “we ever needed a reminder that leadership has consequences, that it matters.”

Noem criticized the Biden Administration for its actions against domestic fuel production that directly led to spiking gas prices for over a year and its inactions in replacing Russia as the fossil fuel energy supplier of our European allies and partners. She says it has been a two-pronged failure of leadership, and both prongs are pipelines.

The first was his blocking of the Keystone XL Pipeline almost immediately after taking office, which was followed by support for building the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, thus giving Russia more leverage over European allies who are now even more dependent on its natural gas supplies.

The popular Governor decries Biden’s “weak leadership” and “poor decision-making,” warning that both could drag America into war.

Along with criticizing the White House for its failure to lead the free world, Noem offered specific steps that should be taken due to the invasion. These actions include heavy sanctions on the Russian energy sector, working with allies to cut Russia off from using global financial systems, and reopening federal lands for oil and natural gas exploration and drilling.

The Biden Administration and European allies have announced additional sanctions on both the Russian government and financial institutions and President Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs in particular. The punitive measures stop far short of Noem’s call to react more aggressively and immediately pressure the invaders.

Biden admitted Thursday that the sanctions would take time to affect the Russian President, who shows no indications of slowing his unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

Gov. Noem saved some of her harshest volleys to use against the legacy media, many of whom have skewered Republicans for daring to state the obvious that the country deserves more decisive leadership in the face of the Ukraine crisis.

Outlets from CNN to MSNBC and the Washington Post are calling into question the patriotism of the GOP, with some saying administration critics should replace their US flags with the Russian flag and don “Team Russia” shirts.

Noem is seen as a potential 2024 Republican presidential nominee. Her speech highlighting foreign policy issues places her on a political stage that lines the Governor for the GOP nomination.