North Carolina Case Appears How To Vanquish Corporate Wokeness

Too much of anything can always be a bad thing, especially being too “woke.” It’s landed Novant Health in a $10 million lawsuit that David Duvall filed for discrimination.

Duvall is White and had been at Novant Health for five years as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications when they implemented “Goal 2 of Phase 2,” which was created to bring more diversity into the workplace because his boss had seven reports that were all White at the beginning of 2018 and by the end of 2018, there were only 2 White employees left.

There aren’t different levels of discrimination against skin color in Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act. Otherwise, that would be discriminatory in and of itself.

When Duvall was fired, he was replaced by a Black woman and a White woman. Duvall filed a lawsuit due to discrimination against Novant Health and won $10 million in restitution. The company tried to say that they fired him because of a lack of leadership, but they didn’t produce any meaning. They lied.

Duvall’s attorney said, “He was just fired out of the clear blue sky, and it fit hand-in-glove with the strategic plan and timeline.”

Woke policies can be harmful and go too far, and Novant Health pays for that decision.

In recent years, the attempt to drive out White Americans from workplaces has gotten out of control, from Hollywood to fast food. It’s a practice that’s going too far.

Companies can be held liable even when they didn’t personally do anything. For example, suppose there was writing on a discriminatory wall. In that case, the company could be held liable for damages even if they’ve already fired them, as The Examiner noted of a Tesla lawsuit.

The Examiner also says,” The standard for what counts as “severe and pervasive” and “unwelcome conduct” is entirely subjective, leaving companies desperate for a checklist to follow to make sure they can’t be held liable for these types of suits.”

Human Resources come into play when they try to push Diversity and Inclusion plans to ensure that the company won’t be held liable for cases such as those discussed. It will not end until no more employees or White Americans are working in enterprises. It’s unfortunate to say that, but the left is leading the United States in a direction causing these cases.