‘Now It’s A Riot’: Al Sharpton Has Made His Way To The Migrant Camp In Del Rio, Texas, But Not Everyone’s Happy To See Him

“Race Baiting” isn’t a fishing term. Just ask Al Sharpton. For someone who calls himself a reverend, he’s the most divisive, hypocritical, and racist pastor that’s been in the activist circle.  

Sharpton went to Chicago Theological Seminary, where he was supposed to learn that you should love everyone equally as a Christian, but instead, he learned how to hate White Americans.  

Sharpton visited the southern border to call for President Joe Biden to halt all deportations of illegal Haitian immigrants. As divisive as Sharpton is, he has a point. Though illegal immigrants have flooded the border by the hundreds of thousands per month and Biden wants to give them citizenship, they were Mexican immigrants, not Black immigrants. It seems that there’s a difference to Biden because the federal government is deporting the Haitians by the hundreds.  

Biden’s administration treated the Cuban people the same way, or at least wouldn’t let them in the country to begin with. While Cuban’s protested against a tyrannical government and the situation seems like it’s in the past, Haitian people had a similar situation when their president was assassinated. By the way, the assassination hasn’t been fully explored or investigated yet, but don’t hold your breath.  

Some of the Haitians said that they have been traveling for two months. That’s plenty of time for the Mexican government to alert the United States of 10,000 Haitian immigrants heading toward the southern border. Still, they decided not to, or Biden’s administration covered it up until they arrived. Haitians would be much more likely to vote Republican because of the government they came from. Mexican immigrants tend to vote for Democrat candidates because they can recognize an authoritarian government that they just left. 

Back to the point, Sharpton was shouted down and called a racist during a press conference at the border camp of Del Rio, Texas, while he was trying to make a point that America is racist. Isn’t he always making that point?  

Not many people would argue that Biden is a racist. His campaign trail was filled with pandering to the Black American community, or he would decide to occasionally tell Black Americans that if they didn’t vote for him, “You ain’t Black.” 

Sharpton’s appearance on the southern border came just after a photo circulating of a Border Patrol agent “whipping” an illegal immigrant. Of course, it didn’t even happen. The extra portion of the reins is used to direct the horse and wasn’t being utilized as a whip by any means.  

Sharpton generally fuels fires rather than puts them out. His speeches at protests in 2020 didn’t mitigate any circumstance created by an already fiery crowd, and this situation isn’t any different.