Now It’s Pizza Hut Promoting Drag Queens to Kindergarteners

Pizza Hut is getting ripped for promoting three books for kids during “Pride Month,” one of which is “Big Wig.” The hero in this epic is a boy who becomes a drag performer.

The book targets ages 4 to 8. It is part of the restaurant chain’s Book It! Program, which has promoted books to young readers since 1984 and rewards them with free pizza for earning school-issue certificates.

You can bet the farm that in 1984, the restaurant chain was not promoting books on becoming a drag queen to kindergarteners.

The publisher, Simon and Schuster, describes the work on its website as an “irrepressible picture book” spotlighting “drag kids, individuality, and self confidence.” The story, it says, comes from the perspective of a “fabulous wig.”

Another soon-to-be-classic on the Pizza Hut book promotion is “Be Amazing: A History of Pride.”

Will corporate America learn that children are off limits — even in so-called Pride Month? It was State Farm, another iconic business with a generally solid reputation, that just had to backtrack from targeting small children with inappropriate books.

One Twitter user questions if Pizza Hut knows about all the other pizza joints around the nation that are not trying to “turn kids into drag queens.” The post advises asking their marketing department if the chain is unaware.

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp notes that the company was founded in Kansas. He adds, however, the folks who started the franchise chain would be “appalled” to see that their product is now a vehicle “to destroy America and her children.”

Pizza Hut became one of the hot topics trending on Twitter in recent days, and you can bet it’s not for their breadsticks.

The Texas GOP Twitter page correctly notes we’ve gone from “drag queens reading with kids to drag queens are kids” ridiculously fast. Do these publishers and corporations think no one is paying attention?

The truth is, no one wants to be labeled a “book banner” or, figuratively speaking, a “book burner.” Write what you want and read what you want. But parents are the gatekeepers, not Hollywood, not activists and certainly not woke corporations.