NPR’s Independence Day Statement Earns Criticism

Independence Day on July 4 is a patriotic time that many Americans look forward to honoring. However, this year, there’s been growing claims from the left that July 4 actually isn’t worth celebrating after all.

During this year’s Independence Day, many leftists took to social media, saying they weren’t feeling very patriotic. Some Democrats even claimed that July 4 was “canceled” altogether.

The National Public Radio (NPR) chose to join in with rhetoric along these lines. Doing so has not gone over well for the company. To this day, NPR is facing major backlash for its chosen approach to this year’s Independence Day.

A Major Mistake From NPR
On July 4, NPR opted to scrap its annual tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence. Instead, the radio station chose to replace this reading with a deep dive into “equality” and what it means to different people.

As it turns out, many Americans weren’t thrilled with this change at all. As a matter of fact, some people stated NPR should lose its funding and audience. Others accused the NPR of pandering to people who hate the United States, its traditions, and its values.

Another criticism made against NPR was that cutting out the Declaration of Independence was unnecessarily divisive. Despite political tensions that stand today, there are still Americans who believe the celebration of July 4 should be a great unifier for the country.

On the flip side, NPR was applauded by left-wingers who share the sentiment that America shouldn’t be celebrated. Many Democrats with this view posted photos of themselves wearing black on Independence Day, rather than standard red, white, and blue attire.

A New Tradition Going Forward?
While NPR never really had a traditionally conservative fanbase, many conservatives have been able to appreciate the network for its annual reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Although, in light of the new direction taken by the radio station, questions have now come up about whether it will read the Declaration of Independence on future July 4ths.

In the meantime, varied reactions to NPR’s decision simply show how even celebrating the United States has begun to carry partisan undertones. NPR has not released any statements on whether or not it will read the Declaration of Independence in the future.