NYC Mayor De Blasio Goes FULL MARXIST On Vaccines

When the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted full approval to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on August 23, government officials in Washington and blue states and cities around the nation went into overdrive thinking of new mandates and vaccine passport schemes. New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio was predictably leading the pack.

De Blasio made an enthusiastic appearance on August 24 on MSNBC to talk about the new mandates his city was imposing on public school teachers and staff for the upcoming school year. The Mayor had finalized the new mandates immediately after the FDA approval for Pfizer was announced.

New York will require complete vaccinations for employees to be able to work. No exceptions to the policy have been formalized, although the Mayor said that medical reasons could be considered. He left no room to discuss any religious exemptions or any other excuse for not receiving the vaccine.

The Mayor said that mandates help people “realize it’s time” and added that humans do well with a “carrot and stick.”

De Blasio was jubilant in describing the newfound power the vaccine approval could give him in compelling the behavior of employees and citizens using strict government rules.

The “carrot and stick” principle was used by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin before and during World War II to establish tight control over nations and regions dominated by the Soviet Union.

The Germans also used the method for controlling the population during World War II. The leader of the SS and the military officer in charge of managing the conquered people of Czechoslovakia, Reinhard Heydrich, knew the power of the “carrot and stick.” He was known for providing benefits to workers as rewards with the threat of severe crackdowns for failure to comply with “Germanification” processes.

De Blasio’s “carrot and stick” approach likewise assumes that fundamental human rights are the state’s property. With an incentives program such as mandatory vaccinations, workers and citizens are “rewarded” with their jobs or trips to a private restaurant. The stick, of course, comes into play if orders are not obeyed. Whether employment or the right to do business in public is removed, the threat is immediate and real.