Obama Concerned About Trump’s Power, Tells Biden He’ll Help Him

Former President Barack Obama made a commitment to current President Joe Biden that he would do whatever it takes to help him in his efforts to secure the 2024 presidential election. Obama voiced his concerns regarding former President Donald Trump during a secret lunch.

Obama reportedly warned Biden at the June 27 meeting in the White House that Trump wielded more political power among Republicans and supporters than many Democrats want to admit. Two people familiar with the lunch rendezvous reported that Obama brought up the 45th president’s highly-devoted fanbase.

He also pointed out the iron grip over the GOP and the pro-Trump conservative media ecosystem as key concerns that should not be overlooked going into the next election. Obama expressed confidence in Biden’s abilities. He also vowed to help him in any way possible to ensure that Democrats will be victorious.

According to sources from the left, the meeting was not called to discuss Trump specifically. They suggest it was simply a regular catch-up lunch for Obama and Biden. Although, the private discussion did turn into a meeting about Trump’s evident threat to the Democrats winning the 2024 election.

While it’s not something you’d generally agree with, Obama is right. Trump’s political strength and dedicated supporters should not be taken lightly. Polls have shown time and time again that the formidable candidate is the Republican favorite, with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) trailing behind in second.

Obama remains highly popular among the left. However, his role in the 2024 cycle is still being determined. Obama aides report that he will likely reprise his playbook from recent elections to help Biden gain more support and votes.

Leading up to 2020, Obama supported Biden and joined him on numerous stops during the campaign trail. The former president also held rallies in 2020 and 2022 in swing states and held fundraisers for Biden and other Democratic candidates. He has vowed to show the same dedication to Biden this time around.

Biden’s approval rating sits at a meager 39%, historically poor for an incumbent president seeking re-election. He also remains quite unpopular among voters that are pessimistic about the country’s future. Now, democrats are biting their nails because a hypothetical poll found that Biden and Trump are virtually tied.