Obama’s Campaign Advisor ‘Blatantly Lies’ On Twitter About Biden

Former Obama campaign manager and senior presidential advisor David Plouffe tweeted out this gem, apparently in response to Russia treating Ukraine like a TV on the side of the road marked “free”:

First Lady Jill Biden does not even think that. Heck, Willow the White House cat has its doubts. Joe Biden has been a complete mess on Ukraine. The President greenlighted what Putin is doing this week at a month ago press conference. Biden said that Russia would suffer minor consequences for a minor incursion. A minor incursion, disguised as a peacekeeping mission, is what Putin is doing.

This week the Russian President recognized the sovereignty of two small break-away regions of Ukraine and ordered troops there as a peacekeeping force. The areas in question have a sizable Russian-speaking contingent, and the thinnest of cases can be made that they should indeed be part of Russia. If any nation attacks the ‘peacekeepers,’ they can be painted as the aggressors and Russia as the defenders. Instead of invading Ukraine wholesale, Putin took Biden at his word and manufactured a minor incursion.

Biden responded predictably with sanctions, and surprisingly NATO allies followed suit. There had been a significant push for preemptive sanctions, especially by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Still, Biden elected to send Kamala Harris to the Munich Security Conference to solve the problem (we all see how that worked out).

Absolutely nobody in charge thought that Biden was acting as a deterrent against Russian aggression, especially Plouffe. The only explanation for his vague tweet is that he is glad Biden is the President because he knows he is an empty suit. Someone that the entrenched democrat deep state can push around to enact Obama’s third term without bearing the consequences of failing. Right now, the world is seeing how that is going. Plouffe is not the only one who likes the Oval Office.

Putin is now in Ukraine, and he is glad Joe Biden is President tonight.