Officials From 40 Countries Meet To Discuss Ukraine

On Tuesday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin conducted a meeting in Ramstein, Germany, that was attended by over 40 nations to overlook the increased arms supply to Ukraine in hopes of defeating Russia. The agenda for the war has shifted from defending Ukraine to defeating Russia.

Countries that attended the meeting involved Japan, Australia, South Korea, and different European countries. It is said that the meeting will be held monthly to go over Ukraine’s needs and progress in the war against Russia.

There are many reasons why this meeting is significant for international relations. Many strong nations gathered to support Ukraine, which shows that most of the world is in solidarity with them. The task-oriented organizations of the invited nations are often more effective in dealing with matters of security when time is constrained.

Another thing to note is whether Russia likes it or not, Ukraine is a part of NATO now. The increased NATO ammunition and arms supply, inclusion in decision making, and almost equal status that Ukraine is receiving are all pointing towards its integration into NATO. Ukraine is no longer as Russian as the world or Russia itself perceived it to be.

It is believed that as Ukraine becomes equipped with the proper technology and military aid, such as real tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, it will be like any other NATO member country. A Ukrainian outlet covering the meeting reported how eager Ukraine was to get equipment that met NATO standards.

When the equipment given to Ukraine is on par with NATO standards, it will ensure integration of armed NATO forces and the Ukrainian military. Standardizing the military is just an initial step of NATO standardization. It is assumed in a matter of weeks, the technology in Ukraine will go from old NATO tanks to NATO compliant C3I equipment.

Many believe that the invasion of Ukraine will ultimately backfire on Russia, and not only will they face defeat, but their worst fears will be materialized when Ukraine becomes a NATO state. Ukraine’s joining could persuade Sweden and Finland to join in as well.