Olbermann Blasted By Both Sides For Criticism Of Tapper

Far left pundit Keith Olbermann launched a vicious attack on CNN’s Jake Tapper over the host’s take on the just-released Durham Report. As even the liberal network mouthpiece had to acknowledge, the information revealed was “devastating to the FBI.”

While Tapper noted that it did not contain everything the GOP hoped for, “to a degree it does exonerate Donald Trump.”

Olbermann had what can only be described as a conniption fit. Granted, the former ESPN commentator has never been mistaken for the voice of reason.

The liberal squawker took to Twitter to blast Tapper over his judgment of the bombshell revelations being “devastating.” “No it isn’t. Not even close. No charges, just partisan ‘conclusions.’”

Then Olbermann got personal. “And Tapper of the new non-journalist Chris Licht CNN is propagandizing. Jake Tapper needs to resign.”

It was not long before his harsh words met a storm of criticism from all sides.

Independent investigative reporter Matt Taibbi countered Olbermann by noting that the Durham Report is hardly just devastating for the FBI. The same label may be applied to lapdog “journalists” who ran with stories spoon-fed by the government without any thought of their validity.

Leftist journalist Eli Lake had an interesting take on Olbermann’s “outrage.” As a former show he hosted was named “The Resistance,” Lake correctly observed that “this is the first resistance in the history of resistance to align itself with a federal police force.”

He added that “to call Keith a buffoon is an insult to buffoonery.”

On his former program, Olbermann ran episodes with such titles as “Case Closed. Collusion Has Been Proven” and “Trump is Lying About Russia,” just to name a few.

Durham clearly concluded that the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” operation targeting Trump over alleged Russian collusion had prominent aspects that were “seriously deficient.”

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asked Tuesday if anyone ever thought they would hear that the Durham Report exonerated former President Trump on CNN. The obvious answer is a resounding “no.”

As for Tapper and CNN, the network is now under the leadership of Chris Licht. After taking over the ratings-challenged company last year, he charged employees with moving towards the middle ground of journalism and to stop alienating Trump supporters and conservatives in general.