Ontario Is ‘Backing Down’ On The COVID-19 Mandates

Whatever someone might think about the Trucker Convoy, it’s working, and it’s peaceful. The entire world allowed Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters to block streets, burn down businesses, assault and kill people. Still, now that truckers are protesting by blocking roads and remaining peaceful, it’s a problem?

Under no circumstances are any truckers calling for violence or acting on violence. Countries and governments are beginning to get the point that people aren’t happy with the COVID-19 mandates, and it should have never had to come to this.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is backing off of the COVID-19 vaccine passport. The requirement will be dropped on March 1, leaving the province free.

Ford said, “We can’t stay in this position indefinitely. We have to learn to live with it and move on with our lives. I’m sure if I asked everyone in this room, ‘Do you want these damn masks, or do you want them off?’ They’d all say no. They want them to leave. They want to return to normalcy. They want to go out to supper with their families.”

People are so loud about the masks and vaccines because they want to appear on the side of science. There’s nothing comfortable wearing a mask or getting injected with a vaccine. Those aren’t normal societal functions. Given that people aren’t being given a choice means that it’s even worse. The people encouraging the government to enact these mandates and segregation from society aren’t on the right side of history and should be judged accordingly.

Ontario is joining Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island in removing mandates. The Trucker Convoy has worked. Ottawa is in the jurisdiction of Ontario, making this rollback extremely positive.

One Ottawa protester told Nate Hochman of National Review, “We can’t go to the movies. We won’t be able to go to the gym. We are unable to visit Walmart or Costco. We have no options.”

The demonstrations are genuinely concerned with ensuring that the government cannot compel its citizens to inject a foreign drug into their bodies. It’s intrusive and not productive for fighting COVID-19, which can’t be stopped at this point.

Hugo Baril, who was fired from his job in Ontario, said, “Once you lose your rights, your rights to your own body, there’s nothing that can stop them.”

There’s a noticeable difference between the Trucker Convoy and the riots in 2020. There’s a way to protest and a way to commit atrocities across the globe. The truckers did it right, seeing the benefit in their actions. Positive return in protest investment.