Ottawa Crosses The Rubicon Targeting ‘Truckers Pets’

The crackdown on the Freedom Convoy in Canada has begun. Arrests are being made at the time of this writing. Although the only violence to this point has been snowball fights and kids fighting over who gets to go next to the bouncy castle, Justin Trudeau’s government has placed snipers on the rooftops surrounding the protest.

Before today, Justin Trudeau’s government had also made sure that the protesters knew that their children and pets were at risk if they stayed at the peaceful protest lawfully allowed under Canada’s charter.

Here is a picture of an adorable poodle that the government threatens to kill because of those annoying protestors assembling peacefully and honking their horns to bring home the pet point.

Why is the pet threat the worst of them all? Because it shows a craven government that wants you to know that absolutely nothing is off-limits. The tyrants running Canada got out a whiteboard and plotted every possible weak point of their political enemies. Then they made sure that the messaging was clear that everything they could think of would be put at risk, right down to Mr. Wiggles, the family dog. Feel free to laugh. It is funny because it is horrifying.

Some may argue that it is just a dog. What is the big deal? The fact that they planned it out down to how they will kill the pets that are ‘relinquished’ makes it a big deal. It is not about public health or even clearing out a protest. It is about crushing political opposition and sowing fear.

Do not be fooled that this is only for the people in Ottawa today. Everything from the snipers to telling you how they will kill people’s dogs is designed to frighten any would-be future protestors. All of this is being done, mind you, without a warrant or due process.

Wake up and realize that there are people in every government in the world who are right now looking enviously at what is happening in Canada. The only thing that can stop them, the only thing that has ever stopped tyrants in history, is an awake populace who says no. It is not just a dog, and what is happening in Ottawa is not just another protest. Act accordingly.