PA Primary Dividing MAGA Faithful Over Rejection Of Woke Dr. Oz

President Trump is fresh off going 55-0 in his recent round of election endorsements. His streak, and the cohesion of his base, are now being tested in the Pennsylvania primary.

Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz has left observers scratching their heads. Dr. Oz has been on TV continuously since 2009. There is a ton of footage of him taking controversial positions and endorsing non-conservative positions. Most of the attacks in the campaign have been between Oz and challenger David McCormack.

No attention was being paid to Kathy Barnette who made a huge gain in the polls after releasing a pro-life video.

Now that she is surging in the polls the establishment media is pulling no punches.

Trump himself has come out against her and some of the heavy hitters in the MAGA movement are attacking her because they are trying to protect Trump’s endorsement.

The reason for all the discord is Trump’s original endorsement of Dr. Oz. The TV doctor is new to conservatism and new to Pennsylvania. People are having a problem rallying around him. This primary is going to be a test of the power of Trump’s endorsement.

Dr. Oz narrowly leads in the polls and was underwater as recently as a week ago. Barnette will probably fall off the pace now given she is under intense attack and has had a free ride up until this point.

It is not uncommon for the winner of a brutal primary to be so wounded that they cannot recover for the general election. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel is certainly not happy about the situation. He is trying to shepherd the party to retake the Senate.

The big question is will Republicans rally around whoever wins the Primary and what will Trump do. Whatever happens, Pennsylvania is shaping up to be an interesting race.