Parents Clash With Left-Wing Supporters At School’s LGBT Rally

Parents opposed to a planned LGBT rally at a California elementary school recently clashed with left-wing supporters.

Hostilities at the school ramped up after a small LGBT flag used as a classroom decoration was partially burnt. Several parents were surprised to find out that the teacher of the classroom identified as “transgender,” and the district removed them as a precautionary measure.

“Such intolerance should have no place in our society — especially in our children’s schools,” state Rep. Brad Sherman (D) said in a statement. “I’m troubled by this news and I denounce those who contribute to anti-LGBT+ hatred and bigotry.”

Dozens of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers in tactical gear showed up at the school to provide security and keep the parents away from the pro-LGBT advocates.

“LAPD is at Saticoy Elementary School this morning. We are here to support our LAUSD partners and facilitate a peaceful and lawful exercise of constitutional rights,” Los Angeles police headquarters recently tweeted.

Parents held signs that read, “STOP GROOMING OUR KIDS,” and wore black and white shirts saying, “Leave our kids alone” at the protest.

KCAL-TV reported that a fight occurred, prompting police to issue some arrests. Videos posted on social media show the parents and advocates arguing.

One parent said they would remove their child from Saticoy Elementary School.

Another social media video captured the physical dispute between the two sides.

In a recent interview, one parent explained why they opposed the LGBT themes present at the rally.

“We respect everyone, but some things are appropriate for children that age, and some things are not,” George Dzhabroyan said. “Hopefully the message gets across and people understand that parents should be the primary contact of what their children should be exposed to and shouldn’t be exposed to.”

The rally included a reading from “The Great Big Book of Families,” which included “LGBT families.” Supporters of the rally accused their opponents of inciting “hatred” against others.

The organizers of the protests said they were not involved in the burning of the LGBT flag, which is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

The school district said the rally was voluntary and that any parent could opt their child out of the school’s attendance.