Pelosi Asks Athletes ‘Not To Criticize’ China And The GOP ‘Reaction’ Is Incredible

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) provided the world with a perfect example of bowing down to human rights violations in the face of scrutiny and the possibility of economic push back. China has been enslaving the Uyghur Muslims, and with the Olympics ongoing in Beijing, China, there’s a possibility for political pushback for the attendees from the United States.

Pelosi suggested that athletes attending the 2022 Winter Olympics shouldn’t upset the Chinese Communist Party. Representative Brian Mast (R-FL) didn’t take kindly to Pelosi’s comment.

Mast said, “Speaker Pelosi is right, and she’s wrong at the same time. She’s right in saying there might be Chinese threats that take place if you speak out against the Communist Party there. But we’re Americans. We don’t go and turn tail and run and hide in a corner and start crying when somebody threatens us.”

That’s exactly right. If athletes wanted to speak out against China, they should have boycotted the Olympics. That would have placed morals above profit and likely gotten them further than attending. Taking personal gain at the expense of the lives of an entire group of people isn’t ever worth bowing down to a dictatorship. Fighting against tyranny at every level should be a personal goal rather than something that happens at a convenient time.

Mast said, “We’re not going to stand for your hacking, your IP theft, your slave labor, and everything else that you do as a Communist country.”

Pelosi is in a position of leadership. She is the third most powerful person in the entire country. There shouldn’t be weakness coming from her mouth, President Joe Biden’s or Vice President Kamala Harris. They’ve all shown extreme weakness on very different issues. Harris has a confidence issue. You can tell that Harris doesn’t know when she’s confronted with problems, lies about them, or tries to get stern. She’s not good at that.

Mast offered an alternative response that Pelosi should have given. Mast suggested Pelosi should have said, “If you hack one of our companies or one of our government agencies or anything else and you use a satellite to do that, we’re going to knock that satellite out of the sky. If you use this piece of infrastructure to do it, we’re going to make sure that that piece of infrastructure is terminated. They can’t stand strong in the face of China.”

That’s 100% true. When faced with a challenging situation, Biden’s Administration crumbles. It’s obvious when Biden doesn’t take questions. He selects specific reporters when Biden fumbles over his own words when he does. The entire Administration, and Democrat party for that matter, is spineless.