Pelosi Attacker Is Even Crazier Than Previously Reported

The details surrounding the Paul Pelosi hammer attack made little sense from the get-go. Particularly confusing is the background of his attacker, David DePape. Authorities have said the nudist protesting, BLM-supporting LGBTQ+ flag-flying man is also a Jan. 6th supporter.

Something doesn’t add up, but we might have newfound clarity if a recent Washington Post report is accurate.

“The San Francisco Bay area man arrested in the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband filled a blog a week before the incident with delusional thoughts, including that an invisible fairy attacked an acquaintance and sometimes appeared to him in the form of a bird, according to online writings under his name.”

DePape is not a Jew-hating secret agent working on behalf of the GOP. Rather, he’s a mentally unstable hippie with a history of subscribing to highly contradicting political views. The Post’s story helps in understanding that the latter is the root cause of the former.

Don’t expect the likes of Hillary Clinton or Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) to abandon their stories that Trump and Kevin McCarthy are behind the attack. Those of their kind have no interest in the actual truth, only in bending the narrative in whatever direction leads to more votes.

The fact that DePape has never once mentioned Sen. Pelosi (D-CA) in any of his reported political rants can’t be understated. DePape’s weakened mental state makes him susceptible to anything and helps explain his past of saying and doing crazy things.

Pelosi’s attacker also has a history of drug problems, including a “psychedelic treatment” for his addiction that likely played a major part in his mental breakdown.

“The camper van parked in the driveway of the home belonging to David DePape’s ex-wife,” reads an article by former California Gubernatorial candidate Michael Shellenberger (I-CA). “The “Natural addiction treatment” that it’s advertising is of the psychedelic ibogaine, which neighbors say the DePape family has been bringing back to the United States from Mexico.”

Ibogaine is a psychoactive drug that isn’t prescribed in the U.S. because of safety risks such as heart problems and death.

Many questions about the assault remain unanswered. There’s reason to doubt the truth ever comes to light considering how quickly Paul Pelosi’s DUI was shoved under the table.

Those using DePape to smear Republicans have taken shamelessness to never before seen heights. In a time where political violence is a growing problem in the U.S., these politicians and media pundits are using this attack, which has no evidence proving it was political, to fan the fires of political violence.