Pelosi Can’t Get Through Speeches Anymore

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi needs to resign. There’s nothing else that needs to be said there.

President Joe Biden doesn’t seem to be the only political celebrity losing his mind. Pelosi glitches out from time to time. You’ve seen her say “Good morning, Sunday morning” when asked about impeaching former President Donald Trump by George Stephanopoulos.

Pelosi did it again when she held a press conference to discuss the possible government shutdown. The highlight of the press conference was when Pelosi said, “It’s a stronger bill, uh, than the, uh, the. It is, it’s, a bill we could have freestanding or a bill that is in the Eagle Act that is part of the um, the um, Mr., the uh, Foreign Affairs committee Mr. Kendrick Meeks (Actually it’s Meek).” Touching words.

Pelosi laughs it off and says that we’re all sad about losing Karen this week. What?

The only thing separating Pelosi from a nursing home and rehab is a breathalyzer and a cognitive test. She’s undoubtedly headed for one or the other.

Shockingly, Pelosi isn’t forced to step down or realizes where this is headed and makes the decision for herself.

The government needs to be competent and understandable. When leaders get in front of cameras, they need to speak to the American people confidently. If Pelosi had been elected to a lower level of politics, she would have been removed from office long ago, but her constituents believe in her for some reason. The rest of the country doesn’t.

It’s frustrating to see because they’re messing up the reputation of the United States and the legislative process. You’re very mistaken if you think that Pelosi shows better cognitive ability off-air.