Pelosi Gets Her Puppets For Partisan Jan. 6 Commission

Large-scale and highly politicized investigations have to be met with bipartisan committees. At least, that’s what rational-minded individuals would think. Pelosi doesn’t quite believe so. Is anything going to be good enough for that woman?

Pelosi rejected Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jim Banks (R-IN), who was nominated to be on the Jan. 6 Commission to investigate the capitol riots earlier this year. Jordan was opposed to the idea of facial recognition software to identify the individuals involved in the capitol riots due to the lack of credibility for the software and how often mistakes were made. In Alaska, a family had their door kicked in because of the software, and they weren’t even at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Jordan asked Bret Tolman, former Utah U.S. Attorney, “How often do we get the wrong person?” Tolman answered, “One time can be too many certainly, some estimate as high as 30%, but I believe it’s more than that.” A 30% efficiency rate to kick in someone’s door, detain them, and interrogate them, only to find out you were wrong? And if it’s higher, then what? Are we going to violate American’s rights on a whim? That doesn’t sound like a sound doctrine to investigate criminal activity.

The New York Times reported on Pelosi’s decision, saying,

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to exclude two former President Donald J. Trump’s most outspoken Republican defenders in Congress from serving on a select committee investigating the Jan. 6 incident at the Capitol, claiming their behavior indicated they could not be trusted to participate.”

When speaking about the conduct of Jordan Trump’s impeachments, Jordan was adamant that there wasn’t enough evidence to impeach Trump, and he was right. The impeachments didn’t work, and it was a significant waste of time. And a side note, Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal is yet to be investigated, and Pelosi is excellent with that. She is not a very trusting individual who would violate her own State’s Covid-19 orders to get her hair done at a salon, yet she wants to talk about being trustworthy?

When a reporter from The Hill asked Jordan what he hoped to accomplish from the investigation, Jordan responded, “You know what this is about, this is about going after President Trump. The Democrats, they don’t want to talk about anything else, they don’t want to talk about this, they don’t want to talk about the crime that’s going up in every major urban area, they don’t want to talk about the crisis at the border, they don’t want to talk about the price, the fact that the price of everything is going up, the price of eggs has went up, the price of milk went up, the price of lumber’s went up, the price of an airline ticket’s up, the price of a used car, the price of everything’s gone up, they don’t want to talk about that, they’ve gotta talk about how we’re going to go after President Trump for the third time.”

Jordan has also criticized the left, saying they normalized anarchy with the riots of 2020, and he’s right. Pelosi was dead silent about the riots happening in every major and minor city in America. At the same time, other Democrats said it needs to happen every day until a change is made. What change is that? Defunding Police Departments and criminal activity was going unchecked.

The audacity of Pelosi to expect America to see a fair investigation with her pawns in charge of it isn’t very respectful. Not only to the American people but also to the justice system as a whole.