Pelosi Makes Speech, Walks Away, Suddenly Everyone Sees What’s Wrong On Her Face

Are Democrats uninformed, or do they even care? President Joe Biden constantly gets statistics incorrect. Biden got the United States population incorrect and thinks that more people have gotten vaccinated than citizens in the United States. It’s absurd. The problem is that there aren’t any retractions. Everyone seems to move on and use the soundbite to fit their narrative without ever correcting information.  

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spends time with her cognitive decline and recently suggested that 150,000 Americans have been fully vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. It was after she said she’s thankful that Biden has changed the course of the pandemic. Biden’s main goal for the Covid-19 pandemic is to lie, break the law, and cause Americans to “trust the science” less and less every day. Having accurate information is essential when you hold a leadership position in politics, and if these politicians have reviewed and met about the data they’re discussing, they would remember. Even a person who has lightly reviewed the current Covid-19 data remembers simple numbers.  

It’s your responsibility to protect others. Then it’s politicians’ responsibility to educate others. But they don’t. They look at every situation as a way to push their narrative forward, and if it doesn’t fit, they don’t mention it. It’s become a game. 

Pelosi has no reliable information to provide, but she walked away from the podium without a mask on. That’s against her own rules. Shouldn’t she get fined for daring to walk around the House chambers without a mask? It wasn’t, but a few months ago, she suggested the Capitol Police should arrest people who didn’t wear a mask in the House chambers, and now she’s violating the ruler herself. Luckily for her, the Capitol Police declined the invitation to lock up members of Congress tyrannically.  

In most cases, if you deliver the “justice,” the crime can’t be placed on you. That’s the case we see in front of our eyes in Congress and all over the United States. These people feel that they’re above us. They feel like no amount of wrongdoing can go punished because they make the rules for peasants. The only problem is that they make rules that they can’t follow themselves and constantly misdirect attention in other directions, and the media will do the same.  

Should Pelosi be fined for not wearing a mask under her orders to do so? No, and the reason being is that nobody should be fined for such a ridiculous rule. It has to stop somewhere, but Democrats are pushing more rules when they can’t even follow their original mandate. We are in a clown world, and the ring leaders can’t get with the program. They keep arresting and firing the clowns for breaking the rules.