Pennsylvania “Overturned” Act 77 But The Appeals Fight Continues

Universal mail-in voting has caused a lot of issues and brought up a lot of controversy for excellent reasons. It’s so easy to skip the verification process of voters when everyone gets a ballot. Someone could fill out a ballot for every one of their neighbors at an apartment complex, nursing home, or neighborhood if they drive by and take all of the ballots. That doesn’t sound like a very secure voting law.

That’s why Pennsylvania’s Act 77 is deemed unconstitutional. It’s because it is. There are stringent guidelines that states follow according to their State Constitution and the constitution of the United States.

Universal main-in voting is an ample reason why President Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

A court’s decision noted that a law allowing universal voting versus defining the circumstances ballots can be mailed needed to be placed in the state’s constitution. Former President Donald Trump’s legal team did everything to bring this issue up after the 2020 election, but the courts didn’t want to touch it. Now, there’s a different tune. There’s almost no chance that the election results will be overturned if it’s discovered that universal mail-in voting fraud was the determining factor to get Biden elected.

Judge Mary Leavitt said, “A constitutional amendment to repeal Article VII, Section1’s requirement of in-person voting is likely to be adopted if proposed to the people. However, before legislation allowing no-exclude mail-in voting can be enacted, a constitutional change must be offered to the people and ratified into our fundamental law.”

If it’s a legal challenge and a clear violation of Pennsylvania’s constitution, why wasn’t it then? It’s clear if you put some thought behind it.

Biden was supposed to replace an abusive authoritarian President Trump and unify the nation when it was down the drain. That didn’t happen. Now that Democrats are aware that Biden is a giant pile of garbage, they don’t want that anymore. It’s too much. And, there’s a clear challenge that they’re unable to argue against.

If the recent court’s decision is appealed, universal mail-in voting will stay in place until there’s a final decision, and it’s almost a 100% chance that Democrats in the state will appeal. That means that the state has a short amount of time to decide the bill’s fate before ballots begin going out for the 2022 midterm election.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, where the bill will appeal the revocation, is a Democrat majority, and they’ve already struck down a fight against the bill. We don’t live in an age where constitutionality is a guarantee. Courts rule on emotion rather than legality and constitutionality because radical fringe elements intervene. If Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is an example of the incompetence of judges, you shouldn’t expect anything different from any other judge in the United States.