Person Caught On Camera In Seattle Stealing Things

Crime has risen significantly in areas where the “Defund the Police” movement has been successful. Still, if it continues, it will create even more chaos than was already present. Caseloads for district attorneys and judges are still large coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic shutdowns, but that’s no excuse for allowing lawless behavior to continue. Swift action and fair punishment are what the judicial system used to be about, but more and more, you see criminal activity excused while law enforcement resources are depleted.

In places like Seattle, Washington, stealing has become much more common than it previously was. It’s not only about the court system, but police departments are cracking down on officers when they perceive that they acted out of line. Take Asheville, North Carolina, for example. They charged an office for assault when there wasn’t a criminal element of assault present. The charges were dropped after the officer was placed in the spotlight and accused of assault when he was innocent. Instances like that are why police can be hesitant to act, and less significant crimes are overlooked.

A man in Seattle, Washington, walked out of a store with not one but several cases of beer, and the store was unable to intervene. It’s becoming a common occurrence in Washington and across California as criminals find out that decriminalization of theft has allowed them to act less secretively about their crimes.

In the video, the store clerk watches the man as he walks around and then out.

“1, 2, 3… so like a hundred bucks just going to walk out the door,” said the store clerk giving a play-by-play of the man’s actions.

He also seems to be a regular at the store and steals from them often because the clerk has seen it before.

It’s one thing to have someone steal something once to take advantage of the system, get caught, and not do it again. But this is a case that’s getting reported more frequently where the same criminals come back and continue to steal from the same place over and over again. It’s not something that Americans should be okay with. This country was founded on making a way forward and working hard, but these events will affect small businesses and cause them to shut down or go out of business. Not only for the theft but also because customers aren’t going to return with that kind of action in their stores.