Pete Buttigieg Claims REAL Reason For Supply Chain Disruption Is ‘How AWESOME Biden Is Doing And HELLO Backfire’

Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation, isn’t the most brilliant man in Washington, D.C. He explained to CNN that the supply chain issues have been happening because President Joe Biden’s great job is opening the economy, and demand is up while supply is down. It would be a significant problem besides that Democrats made disastrous decisions to keep everything locked down. Now, the problems are just beginning to unfold.

Former President Donald Trump said many times that the country needs to open up. Covid-19 has been shown to have the same effect if things are closed down or open. Florida and New York are great examples of this. Florida has a 1.5% death rate from Covid-19, while New York has a 2.5% death rate from Covid-19. Florida stayed open, and New York has had some of the strictest mandates and lockdowns in the entire country.

Yes, it’s good that the economy is opening up, but the supply chain issues go deeper than that. Long Beach Port in California has switched to automated shipping container moving vehicles. That means that humans aren’t driving them. It makes it hard to reason with a computer to determine the most critical tasks to perform. Not only that but with automation, there’s usually only one speed and many regulations on top of that. It doesn’t make things easier when the country needs to speed things up.

Buttigieg said, “because the president has successfully guided this economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession.”

Sure he has. Biden’s making it worse. Suppose the U.S. is demanding products. That’s one thing. If we require employees, that’s another. The Covid-19 vaccine mandates are killing the economy faster than anything else is. Lacking jobs is uncomfortable for many people, especially when flights are canceled because Southwest Airlines has mandated the Covid-19 vaccine.

The country isn’t better because of Biden, and we all know it.

Buttigieg also said that the issue would carry over into next year, citing record numbers of retail sales. That’s great, but shouldn’t we be focused on the problem at hand so that next year isn’t a problem?

The real problem might be that Buttigieg just came off months of maternity leave because he and his partner adopted two children. While everyone should be entitled to maternity leave, his job is to assist in running the country, not a regular citizen’s job that someone can cover for.