Pete Buttigieg’s Trucker Tweet May Not Age Well

Secretary Pete Buttigieg called him and tweeted out an instead strangely timed message as almost no one outside the media.

I understand what he is saying with the ‘did you eat and get dressed’ line, which means all of us are dependent on truckers, but it is a weird segue that they should get more cash and working conditions. Let us not forget that Mayor Pete is part of an Administration that, if it had its way, would mandate vaccine shots for every single trucker, or they would not be able to work.

If you recall the recent protests in Canada and the Freedom Convoy, President Biden’s Administration placed vaccine mandates on the truckers first. Canada then followed suit, which caused the eruption of protests across Canada. Where were Mayor Pete’s tweets of support when Canadian Mounties were running over protestors and arresting them in substantial numbers?

Is the Secretary trying to get ahead of the People’s convoy that just launched in California, on its way to Washington DC? Let us not forget that this man in charge of transportation had the bright idea of going on family leave while the rest of us watched store shelves go bare. The supply chain problems have just been getting worse and are sure to accelerate with the war in Ukraine accelerating faster than anyone anticipated. People want solutions, not platitudes.

It is also a little bit of a mystery as to what he means for working conditions for truckers, given that their trucks are where they spend their time. He could be referencing working hours with this tweet, but federal, and state guidelines have already reduced the number of times drivers can be on the roads. There is a massive turnover for truck drivers because it is hard grinding work. A decrease in regulations and an easing of licensing requirements would go a long way to improving a lot of every trucker. Fat chance that Mayor Pete and his left-leaning friends in the Administration will do that. Looks like empty words are what the truckers will have to settle for.