Peter Doocy Asks President Joe Biden About Trump

President Joe Biden can talk about former President Donald Trump all he wants to, but it makes him look weak and helpless. If you have good ideas, then you don’t have to force them. They’ll be good on their own.

When Peter Doocy, Fox News reporter, asked Biden, “Do you still think that voters want to hear you talking about Trump more than the issues affecting every day?”

Biden responded and said, “The reason I mention Trump, I didn’t count the number of times, is because the issues he supports are affecting their lives every day, and they’re making an impact on their lives every day.”

Let’s unpack that.

Biden sees Trump as a threat. Biden knows how much support and influence that Trump still has with the American people. Otherwise, he would stop talking about him because he would be irrelevant to the conversation. It’s not even about Trump. It’s about the idea of Trump and the policies and mentality that he carried with him. The federal government needs public obedience, and Trump started a wave of disobedience felt in large numbers today. Trump’s defiance for mainstream media that the left has gotten used to pushing into our brains isn’t working.

Ratings, influence, and style are leaving the media stage, and it’s giving way to podcasts and independent outlets to give their opinions and drive viewers to their platforms. The reality of “one source” information is a thing of the past.

Old school politicians can’t keep up with the social media wave we’ve had in the last decade, and they seem to ignore it. The excuses for defying mandates, policies, and laws are all over everyone’s favorite social media feed, and they act like people shouldn’t care that they force Americans to do one thing while they do another. They’re the true elites of our society, and Trump worked hard to tear that system down.

The other thing is, does Biden know that Trump isn’t in power anymore? Does he realize that he can be the president without opposing Trump? He won (not getting into it). But, no. He has to focus on the policies that he’s already reversed. If he questions why the United States hasn’t united, it’s because he won’t let it go. He has to stay angry at Trump, he has to oppose him, and he has to make sure that everyone knows that he’s his mortal enemy.

It must be the real reason that Biden’s handlers won’t let him take questions and why he has to stick to the script. They don’t want him rambling on about the same nonsense about hating Trump. It all makes sense now. It’s coming together perfectly. At least for us, Biden is still a bumbling idiot with no clue what’s going on.